Ketla: Visual News

by post_author

First, the landing page offers users a variety of news, ranging from features to trending news to newly published stories. These different categories present something engaging for all age groups. Younger members of a family may be interested in the popular stories while working members may want a quick way to keep up with all the new stories and older members may hope to sit down and read something longer and more personal.


Clicking the upper left corner will reveal a menu:

  • Home
  • Features
  • Trending
  • New
  • Categories
  • Favorites
  • Read Later
  • Settings

By using the app, users can save stories into their favorites or to set aside for reading later which can be accessed offline.

The story presented here demonstrate the format of our news. We use both illustrations and infographics to visually tell the story. These graphics are also simple for faster downloading with lower internet capabilities. The material has been first digested by our writers and designers and then reconstructed using the most important parts for the easiest way of communication. Users will be able to quickly take in the information in an enjoyable manner.


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