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As a news app targeted to those with limited reading ability, images and visuals become the most important aspects to draw users in and inform them of current events. By using a photo story format with limited, simple text, messages can be conveyed easily without much literacy required. Photos of the latest cricket game or pictures of those affected by the Zika virus can convey a lot of information and are compelling content. Additionally, emoji pop-ups can act as a translator system for words or phrases to help ensure understanding. With the ability to post article links via WhatsApp and Facebook, two of the most popular social apps in India, users of Ketla can easily share news and photo stories amongst their friends and family. When someone clicks on a WhatsApp or Facebook link to a Ketla photo story, they are prompted to open it in the Ketla app, ensuring that content is read on the intended platform.

The home page of the app serves to highlight the top stories of the day with striking visuals and bold, simple headlines. Additionally, located on every page within the Ketla app, there is a globe icon to switch languages and a magnifying glass icon allowing people to search all Ketla content. The Ketla News logo redirects to the home page. Additional news stories could be accessed by swiping up to the next content page.

This article from The New York Times is one with great relevance to India. It highlights the country’s low female employment and a few reasons why that is the case. The number in the top right corresponds to the article’s importance/popularity and helps denote the title/headline page of the article.

By incorporating translation through emoji, users can press down on an unknown word or phrase and a relevant emoji will pop up to help provide some definition or context. Although the majority of smartphone users in India have Android phones, WhatsApp uses the Apple emojis so such icons would be familiar to those who would be downloading and using apps such as Ketla.

Inside pages of articles contain more information and photos, with a large emoji accompanying the most relevant words or phrases. The “emoji translation” function would also be available throughout the app for additional guidance.

Finally, users reach the end of an article and can share the photo story on WhatsApp or Facebook, or click right into another important article Ketla is featuring.

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