The app is specifically designed for people that cannot read, as
all content can be understood regardless of a person’s education level. However, those who are
semi-illiterate or literate will also be able to enjoy the app. A feature that
allows them to type in keywords for more specific content as well as a button
that allows them to read the corresponding original articles are available. The
row below the search button allows the user to select between reading either
global news or local news. Then the following six components (new and unread,
science, sports, education, business, and politics) allow the user to select
multiple topics of interest, or none, if they choose.


Each news “article” is arranged into an engaging comic, which
makes it an interesting and fun way to engage with new information regardless
of reading ability. The home page allows the users to narrow searches to topics
of interest. Not only is the app itself easy to use, but its content is also
incredibly easy to comprehend. Comic strips and pictures guide the reader into
a story that allows them to visualize the world around them. Articles feature
recently updated content taken directly from news sources each day. Every time
a person opens an “article” there will be new and exciting real-life content
that has been simplified into engaging comics for all to understand. The
seamless comic strip allows for easy downloads.

The sample comic below informs people of the Zika virus, a recent epidemic that is currently spreading throughout North and South America.


Furthermore, the functions of this app is so simple and comprehensive in its news topics that a person of any age, any education level, and any geographic location will not only be able to understand the happenings of the world around them, but they will also be able to subconsciously have fun while educating themselves.

Finally, at the very bottom of the comic strip, an extremely accessible set of social media buttons are at the user’s disposal to allow sharing of any story that they find particularly interesting or important. The selection of social media platforms were chosen based on their relevance and popularity in the country. Additionally, the link at the bottom redirects a person to the original full article from which the comic strip was based, so that those who are literate have the option to read a news story in greater detail.