Ketla: Super Bowl 50

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I focused primarily on creating a low-friction way to consume and share engaging and easily understandable content. My app has no separate homepage, as I believe that the first thing a user should see on opening the app is content. Content is more engaging than a homepage, which, inevitably, will be cluttered with options and involve some effort to navigate. Additionally, if there were a separate homepage, a user would have to wait for the homepage to load and wait for the content to load. 

After being pulled into the app, a user will have the option to tap the menu button in the top-left corner of the screen, pulling up a simple menu (fifth image). The menu will allow a user to switch between world news and local news, access app settings, and share the current story. 

The story itself is presented simply and with minimal text. I pair meaningful images with short captions and include nothing but informative content. I don’t include very much on each frame because I want users to be able to quickly glance over the frame and learn what it is trying to convey. This particular story might be interesting because it provides a quick overview of an important American sports event that users in India might not know that much about. I think this is good first content for the app because it is not very complicated and at the same time very informative. Presenting complicated content at first might discourage users from coming back.

The purpose of my minimalistic design is to reduce the amount of time spent on each frame. This is important because it increases the likelihood that the user will fall into a rhythm and not leave the app. This is similar to the Facebook app, which does this by keeping each post small and encouraging its users to keep scrolling quickly. This method of consuming content quickly and efficiently is quite addictive and will ultimately convince users to switch to Ketla and read more stories. Users who are new to smartphones will also be able to learn how to use Ketla very easily. 

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