The main question I started with is this: what challenge would I face if I just got my first smartphone in rural India? After using my imagination a bit and some research, I find out that charging your phone actually turns out to be quite a challenge. So I decided that this should be the first content that the user will get once they use Kelta. In fact, by pairing this content with the app, it increases the probability of the user finding Kelta, and so helps overcome the issue of discovery as well. Additionally, this content is immediately relevant, relatable and useful for the reader, so it may increase the likelihood of repeated use. Finally, by offering suggested links at the end of the story, it helps connect the user to the Internet, which itself is useful and beneficial. 

One improvement that I should make, now that I am reflecting on it, is that I should have told this information in a story narrative instead of a WikiHow-like format. It is more engaging that way, and adds a journalistic spin to it which helps establish the app as more than just a WikiHow platform.