Newsie: Mobile App for News In IndiaBy Kristen FaulknerMobile Home PageThe homepage has 3 subtitles to represent the 3 different sections of the app: World News, Local News, and My Favorites (a user’s saved articles). By scrolling right under each section-heading, a user can view all the articles in that section, sorted by date published. By clicking on an icon under the section heading, a user will be taken to the article’s page. My ArticleThe article I designed chronicles the events of the Arab Spring in Tunisia. The article is engaging because the reader can grasp “Who, What, When, Where, and Why” the event happened without needing to understanding English. The English text supplements the images, but it is not required in order to understand what the article is trying to convey. The article shares a relevant news story that people around the world would want to hear about and understand. The article’s images are pulled from other news articles online, but they are converted to black and white and have lower resolution. The images take up less bandwidth and can load fast on a mobile device, but do so without sacrificing the essential information in the picture. Furthermore, this means that the company doesn’t have to draw their own images every time they want to publish a story- they can merely pull images from another source and cite it.

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