I have designed a simple homepage that presents the headline story, with the option of choosing worldwide news or India-specific news for further reading.  The app framework is designed to be SIMPLE and SHAREABLE.  

SIMPLE: By minimizing the words not only in the article, but also in the design of the application’s features, the navigation should be able to transcend language differences.

SHAREABLE: By providing the option to share the article at any point in its narrative, the reader has an opportunity to share the content at any point he deems convenient.

Finally, I chose to dedicate the headlining article to the topic of BRIC, because it is a topic that should give readers a reason to be proud of India and hopeful about the future of their country.  I also thought that the topic would allow readers to understand India in both a global and historic context.  As such, the content seems SUITABLE for getting readers excited to read more by the nature of the subject and the whimsical narrative style.

The homepage shows defines BRIC countries as those have been growing uncharacteristically in the 21st century.

This second screen presents these four countries as participants in a race to becoming a developed economy.  This screen sets the stage for future growth, as depicted by progress in the race.

This third screen shows the “race” in action.

This next screen is drawn to depict the hard times facing Brazil, Russia and China.  Each of these BRIC countries is shown as being hindered–Brazil by corruption, Russia by plummeting oil prices, and China by its volatile economy.

This final screen shows India as the last BRIC standing.