Relevant News
Different people care about different types of news. It is arrogant to assume that content creators know what stories are best to tell. They can help to create initial posts, but the app creator team should focus on helping community leaders tell stories. Using the app, community leaders can take photos, write captions, and record voiceovers. These three elements come together to create short stories that are relevant to members of particular communities.

Semi-illiterate audience
Each page of a story is accompanied by a full-screen vector image and a voiceover which explains what is happening on that page.

Minimal data
Fullscreen vector images are stored as compressed SVG (standard vector graphic images). Five stories will be the size of a standard compressed song, yet will be scalable to any device and screen size without loss of quality. Stories can be downloaded when the user is on wifi and listened to later, in order to save on data usage.

How will discovery work?
Photos taken on smartphones have location data encoded in them automatically. Using GPS found on older phones, users can be shown local stories.

How to get them to download the app?
Communities leaders can become advocates of the app because they will be some of the original storytellers.

Where else should this content live?
Ideally, the content will reside on a server such as Parse (free) and will be mirrored on a website that supports all features existing on the mobile app.

Mockup Sample content
Barry, E. (2016) Indian women seeking jobs confront taboos and threats. Available at: (Accessed: 31 January 2016).