What I’ve Got: Boxers

by post_author

Today the term “boxer shorts” generally refer to a loose male undergarment made of thin material with an elastic waist. However, just under a century ago boxers were an entirely different type of clothing. They were the shorts worn by boxers (the athlete), short in length to allow the athletes to be quick on their feet. Boxer shorts were originally secured using a leather belt. This was not ideal as it restricted the athletes range of motion, contrary to the goal of the attire.

It wasn’t until 1925 that Jacob Golomb, the founder of Everlast, introduced an elastic waist into boxer shorts, giving athletes who wore them an edge in competition.

This innovative elastic waistband soon gave rise to the undergarment we know today. While the loose boxer shorts style did lose out to the more fitted brief style in the 1930′s, by 1947 boxer shorts had made their resurgence and ultimately became a lasting model in mens underwear.








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