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Lululemon – Straight Up Bra Butterfly

From seaweed scandals to butterfly brassieres, Lululemon Athletica
Inc. has done it all.  Founded in 1998 by Chip Wilson, this
Vancouver-based company got its start as an sporty clothing design
studio that focused on all-aspects of health.  From yoga and diet to
running and cycling, Lululemon offered stylish clothing options AND
educational materials related to the sports.  Full time outlet store by
day, this clothing line become a yoga studio by night.

“The ideal customer at Lululemon is ‘a 32-year-old professional
single woman named Ocean who makes $100,000 a year.’” – Business Insider
quoting Chip Wilson.  She is also, “engaged, has her own condo, is
traveling, fashionable, has an hour and a half to work out a day.”

Apparently, a lot of women named Ocean exist in this world, because
the company–which was intended to only ever have one store–has now grown
to 354 locations worldwide.  The focus of the clothes is unique,
sporty, functional, and notably–feminine.

Though Chip Wilson is no longer CEO, his was the love story which led
to the conception of this beautiful butterfly of a bra.  This
particular style of bra, the Straight Up Bra, was designed specifically
with Luxtreme® fabric for the purpose of flexibility during yoga.  It is
a lighter bra, aimed at women with a B/C cup.  If there’s an Ocean out
there (and there is), she presumably has an above-average cup size that
mirrors her above-average life.  This being as such, she’ll likely want
to know that Lululemon designed this bra because they believe, “light
impact activities call for light-support bras”… even for the bustier

A bra designed for the true believers of “one bra doesn’t fit all
sporting activities”, Straight Up Bra Butterfly has made its way into
many a wardrobe. Functional and sporty, the bra also boasts a butterfly
design that gives this item that oh-so-feminine touch, for a look that
undoubtedly feels unique.


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