Hairstyles are an often overlooked aspect of any hair style.
But in reality, we cut, color and style our hair as a form of self-expression.
One hairstyle that has been on the rise lately is the bantu knot out. 

Even though bantu knot outs have recently grown in popularity in American media, bantu knots have been around for more than 300 years. This hairstyle originated with the Zulu tribes in southern and central Africa. Bantu used to refer to a group of 300-600 ethnics groups found in the same area of Africa and spoke Bantu languages but was adopted to describe a hairstyle worn by this group of people. 

Bantu Knots began to popularize in American media during the late 20th century through a natural hair movement and celebrities exhibiting this style in photos and concerts. Scary Spice from the Spice Girls was one of the first to sport this look on major media venues and even had the hairstyle replicated on Scary Spice dolls. The great thing about bantu knot outs is that they curl hair without the damaging effects of heat and holding spray.

Bantu knots themselves is the process of sectioning one’s hair and creating several mini-knots. These knots are left in the hair for a long enough time to create natural curls when in the hair.