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Black Work out Tights

It has become a somewhat default knowledge among girls these days to have a pair of black leggings in the closet. They are versatile, discrete, convenient and easy to mix and match with other pieces of clothing.

I like simple pieces of clothing like this because it helps me through rushed morning. I can easily pick up any good top to go with it without a second thought. Black leggings are particularly trustworthy as it is easy to go with any color, style and mood. Most important of all, the legging itself is generally considered socially acceptable (as long as you match it appropriately with other clothing). In this sense, black legging becomes very reliable.

While I own a traditional pair of normal black legging, I have found myself to be especially attached to workout pants that can double as leggings. On a superficial level, they look the same. But because it was made from a more durable and flexible material, it can support me as I run and jump over puddles to get to classes in the morning (trust me, Harvard Yard in Spring are sprinkled with mini obstacle course). The pants, coupled with other winter gears, also provide adequate warmth for the chilly weather. During warmer days the pants are also perfectly breathable.

Moreover, it’s perfect for a quick run to the gym during my 30-minutes gap between my classes. I just have to change my top, my sneakers, and I am on a treadmill within just 5 minutes.

While this might not be the intended usage of the workout tight, I am content with this little ‘hack’ because fulfills my needs as a student who is mildly conscious about apparel, but often rushes to places and loves sneaking in a work out through out the day.

Strangely enough, the piece of clothing is desirable to me because it helps me with my scheduling and time saving.

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