Hands down the most comfortable and versatile pair of sneakers I have ever owned, my Stan Smiths make their way into most of my outfit choices during the week. I was aware of the general history behind these shoes that I love so much- originally a tennis shoe endorsed by renowned tennis player of the 70′s and 80′s Stan Smith.. but there was so much I uncovered through my inquiry. That this model was first endorsed by another tennis great- French man Robert Haillet, that it was the first tennis shoe to be constructed from leather… ever, that it was the market opener of Adidas, and that this model of shoe has brought in over $65 Million in revenue for Adidas, breaking all kinds of records. 


It was interesting to notice how minimal changes to the original design have been through its conception, with the standard white and green model remaining almost identical to the original. The Stan Smith Shoe has become somewhat of a classic, and has definitely capitalised off this, the newest additions that come out every now and then maintain the integrity of the original design, but allow for personalisation and customisation through colour alterations.

When thinking about “desirability” and what makes this shoe desirable to so many around the world, I think that it comes down to the Adidas brand and the reputation that it has built through maintaining a classic, simple look throughout the ages, partnering with various sporting professionals, and not getting too swept up in momentary fashion and style trends.