For the UX challenge, after the initial iteration created using the Landing Page starter, I decided to move to wordpress to create a live landing page. WordPress was still a bit confusing for me to navigate, so I eventually moved to Squarespace. I bought a domain ( and made it live. The landing page was very simple and straightforward, just explaining the idea for Headphone ID. I would still like to expand upon the page and add some more content, but for the purposes of this challenge, I was pressed for time. I am not sure if my site received much traffic; when I google “Headphone ID,” the site is not one of the first search responses. Overall, I thought the UX challenge was very interesting and it was my first parlay with web design/html in any way. This challenge made me realize that my little experience with web design and html is something that I really want to improve on in the summer. I really enjoyed the chance to create a landing page and the idea of presenting an idea through this forum.