For a fun final what I’ve got, I thought I would look at how desirable ice cream is in our neighbourhood. All of these cold treat eateries are within a mile of us, and most of them are always busy, throughout the entire year. In the summer it is intuitive why these are desirable–as a respite from the heat. But in the winter, JP Licks often still has a line out the door. It’s almost as though to combat or ignore the winter, Bostonians want to do have ice cream to show that they are above the cold, that it does not effect or lessen their lives. The ice cream is symbolic of a warmer time and more comfortable atmosphere that we seek, so we enjoy it, in spite of the cold, to bring us closer to that place. Or maybe it is simply that people in this town really appreciate how delicious these taste, but it is curious that more people go for ice cream in Boston in the middle of winter than in any other city in the warm months.