For the UX Challenge, I wanted to create a website for a mobile application that I am working on called send4me. This mobile application allows users to schedule a time and date for single or multiple posts on social media, text messages, or email to be sent automatically from one central, mobile application. In this way, users will never forget to send a message or even bulk messages. The target audience for this application is college students, working professionals, small business owners, and social media managers. There is a tiered pricing model associated with the features and support provided to users. 

The vision for this landing page was to create a very user-friendly explanation on how the application works. This landing page is also intended to draw users to download the application on their mobile phones. Hence, the main “call to action” on the page’s jumbotron is the Download button. Beyond this, there is some information on how the application works, a quick, sweet video to run through the application’s functionality, an overview of the pricing model, and an FAQ for those who face problems in trying to use the app. Unfortunately, this landing page was not made live; however, future iterations of this page will hopefully go live.