GoPro Ad: DRD7-4r (The Traveling Gene)

by post_author

One goal of this project was to make a captivating advertisement for GoPro video cameras. Most of the submitted GoPro videos, such as the chosen ‘videos of the day’, were two minutes to two minutes and a half, so I made my video two and a half minutes.  

Another goal was to create a travel inspiration video that would motivate people to explore the world.  I compiled the best 100 clips from my travels throughout Europe and South America and put them together in a very dynamic/fast-paced flow.  I also included a voiceover for half of the film.  

Another goal was to use a software that I haven’t used before, which was Final Cut Pro X.  Although I have used other programs such as iMovie and the free GoPro software, Final Cut Pro has been very enjoyable to use and explore the hundreds of different options and effects.  

Finally, the last goal of creating this advertisement for GoPro was to ask for feedback in order to make the video more appealing to GoPro and to fans and viewers of GoPro videos. I received great advice, such as shortening the advertisement and increasing the saturation within each clips, as well as shortening the voiceover.  I will work on revising my movie before submitting it to GoPro.  

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