pattern shows up when your friend tap you

Concept Video

What your shirt tells you when you are working out?

FitMatch Fabric is a shirt that visualizes your workout experience–to inform you, connect you with other people and be aware of your activities. It provides a easy and intuitive way to perceive information (direction, partner, steps…) users need during the workout experience.

If you input your destination on your phone, shirt will display direction information to navigate you. When you feel lost, just a simple below glance would help you reach the place you want to go.

When you are running and see the shirt of another person in front of you begins to show certain patterns. It means you match in some way, eg. a clock means you match in schedule.

When you are exercising, you don’t need to take out your phone or open your fancy smart watch to check out your step amount. Just a single glance of your shirt tells you everything.

It’s also a good way to show your identity – your fitness identity!

Working Prototype:

The current working prototype enables the interaction in terms of tapping on the shoulder. If your potential partner tap you on your shoulder, there would be certain pattern shows up.