by post_author

Headphone ID is a way for individuals to express themselves. Increasingly, headphones have become a form of expression and a fashion statement. My concept is to bring the customizability present in so many arenas to the realm of headphones. Drawing inspiration from concepts like Nike ID and Converse Design Your Own, my service will first provide bare bones shells integrated with speaker technology of headphones, and consumers will then be able to customize the outside pieces of the headphones such as earpiece size/shape, name engraving or printing (depending on material), earpad color or material, and headphone/earpiece color.

The benefit to Headphone ID is that users are provided with a template for design, similar to shoe design platforms, and are only tasked with choosing which specific component and customizations that they would like to make. All Headphone ID templates are fitted with a high quality speaker system. Our demographic is ages 13-25, the ages that are currently part of the headphones as fashion trend. Headphone ID hopes to provide a unique option for those looking to distinguish themselves with unique and high quality, yet reasonably priced headphones

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