Korokara (KoKa for short), comes from the Esperanto word for heart and the Japanese word for power, ‘chikara’. KoKa is a brand of stuffed animals that are for children with disabilities. Too often in school, children are made fun of because of simple things like hearing aids or walking canes or eye patches. Physical disabilities affect millions of children throughout the world. It’s unfair for them to feel stigmatized. 

Koka is meant to show children that what matters is truly the heart. No matter how they may look or the disabilities they may have, they can be truly amazing people. 

There are multiple stuffed animals in the brand including an elephant, an otter, a teddy bear, a cute bat, and more. Each animal comes with its own item, be that hearing aids or a walking cane or a wheelchair, etc. Each animal also comes with a small graphic novel of its story and also comes with a cool card that has a few fun facts and the animal’s motto. For children with visual impairments, both the graphic novel and the card are in Braille. 

Koka stuffed animals are for anyone and everyone. Part of the proceeds from the sale of Koka animals will go to charities.