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MOD furniture is a concept rooted in re-invigorating pieces with desirability; taking physical waste and excess from large urban cities and redesigning to create new purposes and fulfill new needs. MOD furniture is desirable in its modularity and its resourcefulness: the modularity of each set of MOD furniture is one of the most unique elements of the MOD concept; it allows the owner to redefine that purpose of the furniture as they see fit and as their needs develop. This concept also touches on the desirability of renewability, recycling, and preserving and celebrating city history by rediscovering the value of the physical relics of a large urban city. 

Another element of the MOD business model that reflects desirability is the element of additional design and personalization of the furniture by local artists. This opportunity allows consumers to feel like they are supporting local art in a raw street form (and not via stuffy, high end furniture), but are also obtaining exclusivity from the one-of-a-kind unique work of the designers. 

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