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Emotional: The central feature of the TRANSITION/EXPLORE mixes is its potential to emotionally move the individual between the states of THINK and DANCE. The THINK state represents a strategic, effortful, and impassioned state of mind where the DANCE state represents a joyous, exhilarative, and careless state of mind. Both of these states are, intrinsically, equally as good as the other, but also offer frustration when an individual is experiencing one state while they would prefer the other. Every level of the design of these mixes understanding these emotional states. The simplicity of using only two central colors was to help the individual understand and separate the two primary states of Think and Dance. The central feature, however, is the particular order of the track list. By using a sinusoidal wave as inspiration for a continuous oscillation between two states, the order of the tracks falls along these lines. As songs transition between one another, so do the emotional states. The particular order of the songs were identified by a careful subjective consideration to tempo, harmonies, scales, as well as lyrical content. If one would like to transition between THINK and DANCE, they merely place the TRANSITION mix on and allow the music to guide their emotions for them. If an individual would like to explore one of the emotional states more deeply, then they may place the EXPLORE mix on and select which disc (THINK/DANCE) they would like to explore.

Aesthetic: The calming colors and general simplicity is meant to ease the user into the acceptance of these states, without the typical harsh self-criticism that is so often associated with feeling a certain way when you want to feel something else. The blending of lines, colors and subtlty hopes to drive the underlying feel of the music.

Meaning: Music helps inspire meaning in our lives. It is quite common for people to suddenly feel the energy to go out with their friends, or decide to focus on their homework after listening to particular kinds of music. Obviously, different music has different effects on different people. But the types of meanings that can be derived from exposure to these musical patterns are universal. We share a common feature, and that is that music moves us. My hope is that in whatever it is people would like to achieve by listening to these mixes, they do so. Our emotions guide our every day decisions, and I would like to bring a little bit more autonomy back to our state of being.

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