giftlist | find the right gift (at the right price) for everyone in your network

The gifting experience is meant to be easy, breezy, personal, & always special. We’re in the business of getting you to be everyone’s favorite at any party. Count on us to make sure you always give the perfect gift at just the right price point. We walk you through the process of 1) Adding profiles for all of the special people in your life, 2) Going through a set of questions that allow us to understand you, the other person, and your relationship, 3) Getting the most spot-on, personalized gift recommendations suited for that person, all in your inbox 2 weeks before the special occasion and always found at the cheapest price out there. 

giftlist brings together the three levels of product experience that Hekkert identified: aesthetic pleasure, attribution of meaning, and emotional response. Most salient is our emphasis on attribution of meaning and emotional response. When consumers utilizes giftlists’ services and partake in the experience, the user will remember and feel all of the times that they forgot to special occasion or very clearly misjudged the preference of someone close to them. We want these memories and poignant experiences to surface when consumers interact with our product, and capitalize on amping up the personal significance of a product so as to elicit good emotions that will encourage a user to buy in to our services. Moreover, giftlist is all about bringing back meaning & sentimentality to the gift-giving experience, which has just become more and more commercialized in recent times.