by post_author

A black blazer is a staple in any college student’s wardrobe, and has been my life saver countless times. I think blazers are unique because they can make a statement not only about the wearer’s personal style through subtle designs like the inside fabric, but also about the effort that the wearer is giving to their outfit by wearing the blazer in the following way — in most settings where business casual is the target dress (so not including formal attire where a blazer/suit jacket are required), appropriate dress for women ranges from a silk blouse/button down or cotton sweater to a skirt/dress, and in my opinion, adding a blazer to your outfit makes your dress as polished and formal as you can be within “business casual” without making you seem over-dressed. So to me, the simple black blazer has achieved a very unique position in fashion where wearing it signals that the wearer is taking the occasion as seriously as possible without looking awkwardly over-dressed (ex. I found a black blazer with a nice undershirt and black jeans to be the perfect outfit for our Industry Crit this morning).

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