We wanted to create a wearable device and app that could be used by both coaches and players. Due to complications and conflicts, sometimes players have to miss practice. Instead of having to make up workouts without any guidance, this wearable tech idea gives players access to their coach at any time of the day. Coaches can pre-program a missed workout and sync this information into the app. With this workout information and data gathered from specific sensors on the wearable tech, the app can give the player real-time feedback from his or her coach as he/she works on the drills. This feedback can take the form of heart rate monitoring, body positioning alignment, the amount of pressure that his/her feet exert, and much more. This app also makes sure to keep players accountable as all of this data is then sent to the coach at the end of the workout. The coach can then choose to respond with personalized feedback to the player. Our design prototype strives to incorporate the sensors in the shirt without standing out too much, but still attempts to reveal that it’s more than a shirt. It includes sensors like a heartrate monitor, gps, thermometer, and accelerometer