by post_author

This weekend I finally went to Max Brenner which describes itself as a chocolate bar. It was amazing and definitely lived up to expectations. The menu is chock-full of extravagantly wonderful desserts and milkshakes. Even the cocktail menu is filled with chocolate inspired drinks. The fries too are dusted with cacao powder (the waffle fries were among the best I’ve had). Haha it sounds like I’m doing a restaurant review. Honestly, I was impressed with the attention to detail the restaurant owners envisioned. The decor is on point. Jars of different types of chocolate like milk, white, and dark are arranged along the walls. The tone of the walls is mainly different shades of brown, keeping in line with the idea of a chocolate cafe. Everything about the cafe screamed chocolate cafe, and that’s I think the best for design of a restaurant with character. Beyond just the concept and decor being great, the cafe had something to truly boast: its food. And that’s what makes Max Brenner a model restaurant. 

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