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SensoryBand: headband with sweat sensors.

Why we made it: Designed for the avid runner to the casual gym-goer, our sweat-wicking, silicone-gripped headband built with reflective detailing to ensure visibility on your late night runs is the perfect bridge of athletic-chic that keeps your flyaway hairs in place and keeps your focus on you, your speed, and your fitness goals. SensoryBand is built with your health in mind–designed with sweat-sensing patched weaved right in to the fabric, these patches are able to measure sweat and relay the data derived from it wirelessly to our smartphone app.

Aesthetic experience

The SensoryBand is, as mentioned before, comes in the form of a traditional headband designed first and foremost to keep stray hairs from one’s face. Our design expands this mission to imbue a feeling of comfort and usability to the consumer, emphasizing that exercise (and sweating!) doesn’t have to come at the cost of comfort.

Experience of meaning

The SensoryBand is available in a crisp white fabric, inspiring feelings of freshness & novelty.

Emotional experience

The SensoryBand is embraced by a consumer of the entire spectrum of athleticism. The headband specifically is a ubiquitous, well-used and normalized sports accessory that promotes a feeling of familiarity. Exercise isn’t meant to be burdensome and unfamiliar, and the SensoryBand’s design makes sure to keep it from being that way.

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