It is quite common for ladies that we don’t want to wear the same piece of clothes day after day, and when we go traveling we want to take as least clothes as possible. So here is the stylish, unconventional piece good for both daily life and traveling. Its simplicity and versatility are showed in the following aspects:


You can wear it as poncho, skirt, blanket or whatever you can think of.


You can choose either the blue linen or the white cotton as the outer part.

Pockets and slots:

They are designed for multiple hand positions, so customer can feel more comfortable when wearing it. You can tug your hands inside the poncho or have a pocket for keys, phone etc.


The 6 snaps make sure it is wearable to various size customer, even for children.


The pattern of red train on the ribbon makes it lovely. It is up to you to have a cute or classic bow. And it is not only decorative, but also functional. You can use it to secure the skirt.


I choose blue linen so it is droop. Instead of being fluffy, it fits the body and makes you look good.