Our idea for the garment challenge is to create interchangeable rompers and jumpsuits. These clothing items have steadily been gaining popularity and are universally seen as fashionable and interesting. The issue that arises with rompers and jumpsuits is repeat wearability and practicality. If you wear a romper or jumpsuit, it is a full outfit that you are wearing, with no ability for modification. There is also the added challenge of not being able to easily use a restroom. With interchangeable parts of a jumpsuit, you can still retain the look of the jumpsuit while being able to switch up the styles and patterns and maximize the number of looks you can glean. Instead of buying 6 different jumpsuits, you can have lots of different looks with less pieces.

This design works by the mechanism within the articles. The hem of the tops will have hidden buttons that snap onto the top piece of the bottoms. Each article will have this same system so that any two pieces from our line are compatible together. The price point for the tops and bottoms would be much cheaper than that of a regular romper; giving customers more bang for their buck. Our website/catalogue gives buyers examples of popular or trending mixes and matches.