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Rethink the way you communicate with the world. No more need to constantly pull
out your phone, stare at screens, or fiddle away at touchpads. Instead,
the Curve keeps you up-to-date on tasks, allows you to make phone
calls, and create and send messages from right around your

Built from lightweight aluminum and lined with cushioning for
comfort, the Curve wraps around your neck. By including detachable
earpieces that can slide in and out from the device, you can interact
with the Curve in utmost privacy. With voice recognition sensors, you
can dictate messages and conduct online searches; with the vibration
system, the device will alert you to incoming calls and notifications;
with the callback AI, the device can read aloud the latest message in
your inbox; and with GPS, you will receive right or left vibrations from
the device to help direct you when you’re on the go.

Unlike the
Samsung Circle Gear and LG Tone, the Curve provides a more subtle, sleek
look to fit your style and has greater functionality and extended
Bluetooth capabilities. In terms of that style, the Curve has been
engineered to fit perfectly underneath a collared shirt, so it’s
unobtrusive to your daily activities. However, it’s comfort and
functionality make it a device that can be worn and displayed anytime –
in a meeting, out with friends, and even out on a run. Rethink with the

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