by post_author

Since the fifth season premiere on April 12th, Sunday nights have meant Game of Thrones. This show is without a doubt a national phenomenon, and personally that really surprises me. Normally, shows like this with mythical/magical plots tend to relegated to the “geek” underground realm, but I have noticed that on Harvard’s campus for example, every type of student watches the show, and isn’t shy about admitting it. This show certainly has a huge shock factor, and is overflowing with sex and violence, but that really isn’t unique to shows on mainstream tv today, so what puts Game of Thrones on a different level than Scandal, Greys Anatomy, or How to Get Away with Murder?

The story line is complex and requires concentration to follow along, and the characters are cunning and sneaky, which taunts viewers to try to guess what will happen in the story line and stay one step ahead. Perhaps the show’s themes are not as geeky/odd as one might assume? Yes, there is a queen who is the “Queen of Dragons,” but she is also a uniquely gorgeous, powerful woman who has sex with hyper-masculine yet charming men. Yes, incest does occur between a brother and sister, but both of these characters are undeniably attractive and powerful. Maybe the story line is so compelling that viewers can look past the non-traditional casings that hold all of these traditional elements of a successful tv program?

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