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Our team had two different stool: one which was designed for a taller user and, ideally, featured a comfortable, form-fitting seat–Peregrine will discuss this design; the other was a minimal design created with the intention of simulating a faux-fossil look. Jasmine and I sought out to harmonize man-made materials and nature (innovation). We used recycled plant cuttings and lined the basic bucket mold and poured our concrete. The final product did not emerge as initially designed, i.e. the look wasn’t very clean cut, so to accommodate for the rather rough seat, a piece of clear plastic was added, thus increasing the functionality of the seat without vastly diminishing the stool’s unique aesthetic. The stool could also double as a small side table, depending on the user’s preferences and needs. Although it satisfies many of Rams’ criteria, the design definitely isn’t “thorough,” i.e. the end product wasn’t foreseen with absolute clarity and much of the design was “left to chance.” 

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