UX Challenge 8

by post_author


Sending a care package to someone is quite a hassle.  You will have to put in a lot of effort finding little gifts, going to the store to pick them up, going to the post office and hoping it gets to them in time.  Or if you are ordering from a specific place online, you have to create an account with the company, look through the mess of things they have on their website and finally choose something to send.  

Target User

Anyone who wants to send a care package- potentially people ranging from college-age to seniors.  

Unique value prop

Send a care package without a hassle.

Quick and easy.

Nothing else.

Send one now.


Baked By Melissa

-Can send cupcakes, simple and easy

-Have to make an account first

Edible Arrangements

-Can send big fruit packages

Flowers Online

-Send flowers, order online

-The site is too cluttered, there should be something super simple and clean looking, like a package.  

Key Metrics

People will come back if it is super easy.

People who receive the package will use the site if they like their gift.

Site Content



About Us


Send A Package


H1: Send a carefree care package: Easy.

(Simple looking site with box image)

Form: Send one now, nothing else needed.

Overview of the problem and solution (content block)

H2: Don’t waste you time sifting though different sites trying to find the perfect gift.  You will have content options, choose a package, input payment and destination address, and you’re done. Stress-free.  

Putting in almost no effort for a loved one’s happiness.  

Why use it

Simple, easy, that’s it.


Mission: Making your life easier to make someone’s life a little sweeter.

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