OutletFurniture | charging your devices was never so intuitive

Most hand-held phone/device users drain their batteries throughout the day and are inevitably forced to charge their devices while they catch a bit of rest. OutletFurniture defines modern ease and flow with its smooth integration of device chargers and an aesthetic, modern nightstand. 

Good design is unobstrusive | OutletFurniture was a product conceived from an unfortunate problem in this digital age–tangled cords. We remedy this issue by creating a functional opening in the back of the nightstand where the device cord can be inserted, and a placeholder on the bottom of the drawer made to hold a smartphone upright, so that the device can be separate but intertwined with the overall design and purpose of the nightstand. 

Good design is as little as possible | OutletFurniture is the manifestation of a simple design that tackles an issue plaguing millions. The structure of the nightstand is simple–a cinderblock-like aesthetic that features a sturdy and functional shelf for all of one’s needs. The opening and placeholder are minimalistic and necessary, but don’t overwhelm the design and are instead designed to complement the design. 

Good design is long-lasting | Made out of concrete, wood, and metal, the OutletFurniture is as long-lasting (and natural) as can be.

Good design is honest | OutletFurniture isn’t trying to be something that its not. It’s a simple design, allowing for the charging aspect and the nightstand to be seamlessly intertwined. Utility was the one driving purpose in this design.