by post_author

The three of Dieter Rams’ principles that I focused on for this project were Unobtrusiveness, Usefulness and Intuitiveness of use.  I wanted to create a product that was not attention grabbing but which would accent a space.  For this reason I chose a simple, 2 color palette in calm tones and kept the patterning sober.  The design is simple and very intuitive.  It comes ready made, with no work required to set it up.  While this limits customizability, I believe that the ready-to-go aspect of this does parallel Rams’ principles.  The nightstand is simple, small and could easily be tucked into a small space (e.g. under a desk) for extra storage.

If I went though the process again I would change the type of mold that I used.  I think that a more solid mold, that doesn’t warp as much under pressure, would have worked better and the straighter lines would have made the nightstand look cleaner, which was a look that I wanted.

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