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Life is just so busy. We lose track of the time, the date, the holidays, and not to mention birthdays and anniversaries. We’re expected to remember it all, but when we’re going 100 miles per hour, it’s hard to remember that it’s mom’s birthday on Saturday. 

Not only are we busy, but we’re also chronic time wasters. People often waste hours searching sales, contemplating buying one pair of sandals over another for their estranged sister between two open tabs on their browser. We never are quite sure if we’re getting the best deal, never mind whether its something the other person would want. 

Giftlist allows you to create profiles for the people you love so that you’ll never miss a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or special occasion–because finding the right gift makes the occasion so much sweeter. 

Target Audience

  • Deal-grabbers
  • Those who always lose track of time… the date… not to mention birthdays and holidays!

Unique value prop

  • Because finding the right gift makes the special occasion so much sweeter. 
  • A list of your ideal gifts, right at your fingertips. 


  • Wedding registries/overall registries: best way to get exactly what the gift recipient wants, but not everyone sets up registries, and registries are limited to certain participating stores
  • Gift guides: especially during the holidays, tons of stores, online bloggers, etc. put up gift guides for “the sporty dad” or “the yoga-obsessed sister,” but these are also limited to the breadth of the source

Key Metrics

  • subscription; users sign up to be on a waiting list to create giftlist profiles by providing details for a personal giftlist profile
  • 60% of users provide details for personal profile & sign up for updates



  • Logo
  • About
  • Blog
  • Create profile


  • Images of laptops/desktops (simple)
  • UVP written on jumbotron

Heading: About

  • Content 1: Problem
    • Because life is hectic enough without having to remember your second cousin’s birthday.
    • Provide other “because”
  • Content 2: Solution
    • Because finding the perfect gift for the occasion is the sweetest feeling.
    • How it works
    • Profile simulations
      • Spouse
      • In-laws
      • Brother
      • Boss
      • Professor

Why people are becoming members (content block)

  • Social proof with testimonials
    • online bloggers
    • (potential) users


  • Vision, mission blurbs
  • Social links (Linkedin and Twitter)
  • Create profile link

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