by post_author

For this challenge, we ran into issues with our mold. Due to the complications with the concrete pouring and our mold/frame distorting, we do not have a final picture of our concrete nightstand. However, this graphic shows what our attempted design was — the original concrete nightstand. As Rams says, “good design is as little design as possible,” so we decided to stick with the simple prototype. We believe that this nightstand was already good design, and anything that we added would just increase complexity.  

It’s use of concrete pairing with dark wood is innovative.

The color contrast is aesthetic.

It thoroughly includes all the parts that a nightstand would have.

It is unobtrusive in that there are no extraneous parts that have no purpose. 

It honestly communicates its function — a pure nightstand and drawer.

It is long-lasting because it is made of concrete, a durable material.

It fits within the usual schema of what a nightstand looks like, and how it would function, so it is useful and understandable.

Concrete is a cheap resource, and not that taxing on the environment. 

And we did as little extraneous design as possible. 

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