Challenge 6 was a difficult one. My original design was to have a hollow concrete cube that inside contained a hollow wooden cube. The wooden cube would be able to slide in and out as a functional extra surface. As I began to construct the mold for my design, I realized that the structure of my piece was going to be much more difficult to shape than I had imagined. Creating the mold for this hollow cube was quite the task. After finally finishing the mold and pouring the concrete, when I went to remove the mold, I realized that the concrete had not settled down into all the cracks of the mold before it began to dry. There were many air bubbles and the piece did not come out uniform. Although my piece did not set in the way I had hoped, the process of designing, building, and completing the design was a very enriching one. I had never worked with construction materials like this before, so actually creating a product from scratch was a great experience. If I did this project again, I would definitely take more care to ensure that the concrete was poured properly and I would go about creating the mold in a different way that left me with a smooth outer surface for the finished product. 

I think that my design can also be seen through many of Dieter Rams’ principles of design. 

  • Makes a product useful – My product is useful– it is a nightstand / side table that comes as a two tables in one. 
  • Is aesthetic – I think that my design exudes a simple and calm aesthetic. There is no overwhelming feeling
  • Is honest – My design is not trying to be anything other than what it is. The smaller piece that comes out from the middle of it is there to be a practical and functional component. 
  • Is long-lasting – I think the simplicity of this design is really what contributes to its longevity. 
  • Is environmentally friendly – The materials we used in this challenge were environmentally friendly (concrete and wood).
  • Is as little design as possible – My design is truthfully quite simple. It is comprised of just two components that come together with little intervention.