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Modular | Rest

“At the crest of our next phase of evolution, complete sustainability will have come from ourselves”

Aesthetic: First and foremost, Rest was designed to induce calming through specifically the senses of touch and sight. In the manufacturing of the materials, careful attention was placed on how might Rest feel when somebody fiddles with the sides of their stool as they sit in conversation, or carefully places a warm mug of tea upon the table. In order to do induce the effect we were looking for we sifted roughly 300 lbs of quikrete to extract only the finest grains as our material. In constructing the shell, we paid careful attention to the patterns we created with the adhesive to give the furniture a shinier finish and smoother surface. As for the visual appeal, we poured white paint into our quikrete at various concentrations to give each later a unique feel. In addition we swirled the paint along the edges to give the effect that the paint was dripping upwards. Ultimately, we wanted to create the sensation that the furniture was lighter than it really was by designing it with imagery related to weightlessness.

Meaning: The meaning of this product is derived from the simplicity and efficiency in which it was created. Using re-cycled cuts of foam board was our first step to integrating this sentiment. But the most significant contribution came from the careful design of the furniture’s measurements so that we were able to use all of the negative space. This allowed us to maximize our furniture to material ratio, or better yet, minimize our material to furniture ratio. By integrating concepts of sustainability into the design and construction of our furniture, we were able to intrinsically integrate its meaning.

Emotional: We have left the door open for the individual to determine their own emotional appraisal of Rest. By developing a furniture set that is capable of turning into any permutation of house design, we are liberating people to integrate their own creativity into ours. The table is capable of turning on its side and acting as an extra bench. The table can also receive any number of customized table tops. The table can also rotate on another axiz to become a stand. All of the furniture can be placed in the same room or throughout various rooms as they function well as stand-alone pieces as well. It was important to us that we did not determine the emotional content of people’s homes, and instead, liberate them to design it themselves.

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