Challenge 6: Furniture

by post_author

For our furniture challenge, we created a concrete lamp perfect for lighting a studio or trendy apartment. Using a Schweppes plastic bottle as a mold, our lamp is small and compact, making it fit for adhering to a wall without causing problems with weight. Thanks to the dimensions of the bottle, it has a small funnel shape that allows light to radiate out, which was one of the major challenges we hoped to address: how can we create something that can best maximize emitting light due to the physical constraints of concrete? We pivoted several times during our development process from lamp ideas that were more visually unique, but would have reduced the amount of light that could shine out. In addition, while we present just one lamp, the idea behind our product is that the lamps would be sold in sets of 4 or 5, allowing customers to hang them all in a studio or apartment wall, almost like a series of spotlights. 

When considering Rams’ design principles, we believe our product is appealing for its simplicity, unobtrusive display, and aesthetic. We believe that while there can be a value for more creatively designed lamps, the main function is to help illuminate. We did not intend to make our lamp something that a user had little practicality for. Thanks to its size, customers can place our lamp anywhere throughout a house. This unobtrusive quality is important, because our product’s functionality must trump its potential decorative nature. People want lamps for their usefulness — they shouldn’t be taking center stage in an individual’s home. We do have some small aesthetic touches to our lamp that we believe can help complement an individual’s home style. The curves on the Schweppes bottle create a series of pleasing waves across the surface of the lamp. It speaks of finesse. In addition, the plastic from the bottle left a smooth gloss throughout the surface of the lamp, making it shiny, bright, and comfortable to the human touch. The colors carry personality, as well, since the lamp is not a uniform grey. Black and other dark colors are sprinkled throughout, providing more visual texture and aesthetic appeal. 

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