by post_author

I love love love my Kindle. I had one of the older models in high school, and after an unfortunate screen-crushing accident, I was able to upgrade to the Kindle Paperwhite. There are people out there who dismiss the Kindle and other e-readers for various reasons including, but not limited to, “they like the feel of turning a real page,” “e-reader popularity is destroying commercial book sales/libraries,” etc. However, while the aforementioned points aren’t necessarily untrue, for me, the Kindle is the perfect product. For one, the device works seamlessly with the owner’s account, so that books can be bought and read instantly. These books can also be read on the computer and on one’s smartphone. Furthermore, the Kindle is small and thin, so it (and all the books on it!) can be slipped in my purse and carried just about anywhere. Its compact consolidation also eliminates any issues of storing the books one acquires throughout the years. The font styles and sizes are customizable to one’s personal preferences. You can bookmark pages, highlight passages, and look up definitions, with just a touch of the finger! One of the coolest features of the Kindle is its use of electronic ink, which results in a screen that more closely resembles a matte paper look–this makes the Kindle extremely readable, especially in comparison to LCD/plasma displays of other similar devices. The Paperwhite model also has the added feature of automatic backlighting, so that one can read at any time and place. 

Without a doubt, having a Kindle has changed the way I read–both for school and pleasure– and it has definitely been in the best way possible. 

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