Challenge 8 UX

by post_author

Problem: 3D printing Headphone service

Target User: All those who want interesting looking, unique, and fun headphones. Specifically teens and young adults

Unique value prop

Get a pair of one-of-a-kind 3D printed headphones

High quality sound, low price

Stop wasting money on low quality, overhyped headphones (e.g. Beats)

Express personal style and personality


Was inspired by the Headphone challenge that we had

Also Nike ID

UVP: one of a kind shoes, allows you to perfectly customize a pair using their user interface that gives suggestions and then free rein to make modifications, only slightly more expensive than the regular shoes “Your shoes, your way” [Your music, your style]

Key Metrics

OMTM: having users sign up to recieve an example custom design of the day and if they sign up they receive 10% off their first pair of headphones


  • Logo
  • About
  • Examples
  • Pricing
  • Blog
  • Sign Up

Jumbotron (image of a row of headphones): “Your Music, Your Style”; Sign up for 10% off your first pair

Content Block 1: About

“Headphone ID” allows you to bring your personality to the way you listen to your music. Make your headphones a statement, a part of your outfit.

Uses precision 3D printing technology to create one of a kind headphone shells for users

Headphones are a statement piece, but now unique (goodbye to Beats)

Content Block 2: Examples

Show examples of different headphones available (sliding images)

Content Block 3: Pricing

Have a sample pricing scheme

Content Block 4: Blog

Blog will have pictures of the headphones being used in a variety of different places and different scenes (think: quirky, exciting, hip, chill images)

Content Block 5: Sign Up

Sign up link that offers 10% off a first purchase


Navigational links

  • FAQ
  • About Us
  • Instagram
  • Blog

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