by post_author

While the digital cameras are everywhere, photos taken by people are devalued greatly. The joy of viewing photos in the physical form can not be replaced by digital pictures. The popularity of instant cameras like Polaroid is a proof. 

I really like this design because it integrates simple technology to provide great convenience to people’s life: you just need to select a photo then it can print it out in the picture frame. No need to get the photo printed out by a printer and replace it into the frame.

Sure, you can put up a digital picture frame to get yourself a customizable wall display that you can change up at will. If you’re tired of having LCD screens everywhere you go, though, you’d probably do better hanging up an old-fashioned picture frame with an actual print inside. Makerframe shows off digital prints like old-fashioned frames, but comes with a built-in thermal printer, so you can change it to a new picture in the most convenient way possible.

It’s desirable because its digital property is in disguise underneath 🙂

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