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It is almost impossible to responsibly digest the amount of information put forth by news channels, newspapers, and blogs, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a real audience of critical youth who want to keep politically abreast.  Every year there is a new campaign to encourage young voters to get out and vote. It’s not that this age group does not care about politics, it’s just that they do not feel personally addressed or engaged.


Americans age 18-25 who want to stay politically well-informed. Assumes a certain level of income, since the app will require ownership of a smart phone. College students & Young professionals.

Unique value prop

Be a smart voter

Pick your leaders

Take control of your state

What do you want to change?


Rock the Vote

– UVP: Building political power for young people

– Online campagin to encourage young voters to vote

– Rock the Vote aims to market the voting process with catchy slogans, television ads, and celebrity endorsements

Does a good job of gaining attention, but a poor job at producing results

Makes the mistakes of “selling” elections, so that it feels to much like a product or another political campaign. Young voters may be seeking a feeling of independence, so rallying them as a herd may be counterintuitive


“Harnessing the power of Big Data to empower voters”

Aims to make the voting process easier for the average voter

Offers a who/what/where/when/why/ how of voting options

UVP: The Voting App


Offers a Truth-o-Meter for each politiician

Check the “honesty” of each politician with color coded graphs

Key Metrics

OMTM: activation, users sign up by linking to the Apple or Google store

Site Content




Register to Vote


H1: No politics, just votes.

(Cool image background)

Link to Apple/Google store to buy app

Overview of the problem and solution (content block)

H2: Put your votes where they count

H2: What do you want to change?


Short blurb on the mission

Social links (Facebook and Twitter)

Navigational links

About Us


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