Design also extends into the realm of restaurants and venues and buildings. I really admire when restaurants do a great job of making their space have a consistent atmosphere, a place you can immerse yourself in. One of the coolest places I’ve been in is a restaurant called Chapito that actually doubles as a Clown school…. Strange… but really, really amazing. The waiters and bartenders are students of the clown school. They put on performances to the restaurant audience (I think this is how they practice) and also are really friendly as waiters. The restaurant is atop a hill so it boasts a great view of the city. The atmosphere is usually very lively and fun, and the combination of the clown school/restaurant really makes it a unique spot. 

I think what I learned from design through Chapito is that sometimes, mixing elements that seem like they would never work together actually works out. You just have to have the right vision and be able to let the two elements complement each other and learn from each other without cancelling each other out.