UX Challenge Preliminary Thoughts

by post_author

These are just some individual thoughts. I was thinking further about the “travel light” idea I had mentioned to Professor Altringer a week ago. 

People want to travel to places with as little baggage as possible but sometimes this is hard. For example girls might want to bring several pairs of shoes for a night out, snowy weather, etc, and that weight adds up. Additionally, for some airlines if you bring a check in baggage you have to pay exorbitant prices. So we want to attack this problem of wanting to travel lightly while still having a wide range of wardrobe and other essential items like blow dryer, iron, teapot, whatever you may need.

Basically, people will be able to ‘rent’ or use items they have chosen from the website when they go to a foreign place.


Budget travelers, people who are going to places for about a week.

Unique value proposition 

We provide a wide range of items to people of all shapes and sizes and deliver to the hotel or hostel or place people are staying at. It is a seamless online service. People choose items before they arrive at a place using an online website and then get those items and pay after they have received them.


Services like airbnb, uber, zipcar, renttherunway, and more like this.

Key metrics

User interest (sign ups)In a survey we will have a list of some basic items and people can click those items they feel they need the most when they travel to help us decide which products to offerPeoples comments on what they would like to see in our catalogue

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