by post_author


When I first saw this ad, I thought it was going to be a movie, as did many other people who saw it. And I actually was kind of interested in the movie, even though the plot line was pretty cliche. A girl and guy are stranded at the airport trying to go home for the holidays and sparks fly between them. The actor and actress seemed really natural, and that’s what made the movie something I was kind of secretly looking forward to watch. And then just as the two main characters are running towards each other to confess their feelings… BAM! They run into a refrigerator. Whoa what? In an airport? Something I was totally not expecting… until I realized it was an ad for Sears. Hilarious. I kept rewatching the ad. It still makes little sense, but the ad definitely caught my eye by pretending to be one thing and then doing a complete switch. The ad appealed to my emotions and made me laugh. Even if I might not go out and buy a refrigerator, at least I have positive feelings about Sears… and I still hope they make the movie! 

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