by post_author

Rainbow sandals have been a staple of my flip flop collection since I was a little girl.  My mother is a stickler about high quality shoes, and would always buy us shoes that had good arches and support.  For flip flops, she turned to Rainbows, because the leather offered great support that was comfortable. Although these sandals are pricey, they are worth it, because they are very durable. I had the same pair of Rainbows for 6 years, and I got new ones because I flattened out the leather layers so much that my heel was practically touching the ground every time I took a step. Although they were looking scrubby, they were still extremely comfortable.  Rainbows become more and more comfortable with time, and the wear and tear shows character.  They are also stylish sandals because the leather is so high quality, and they look good with every outfit. 

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