Luckily for individuals with back problems, such as myself, backpacks have become a “fad” in fashion. Designers and brands are replacing the traditional utilitarian function of backpacks into fashion statements. I personally believe that this emerging trend may be largely attributed to the brands such as Herschel (whose basic model is pictured above) and Fjallkraven–all brands that created backpacks that were versatile, simple yet elegant, and affordable. Furthermore, Herschel and Fjallkraven boast exciting and playful colours, which at least seem reminiscent to the days in which I carried a backpack in elementary school. Now, brands are making these backpacks even more elegant by featuring more intricate designs (such as the Moschino Bear Print Quilted Backpack) or higher quality materials (3.1 Phillip Lim ‘31 Hour’ Zip Around Leather Backpack). And I think it is wonderful! Women have a lot to carry and it is often unreasonable to fit all in the space of a tiny purse. With these backpacks, it becomes easier and more comfortable for women to carry those items she always carries, including her laptop, without sacrificing her style.