by post_author

At first, when I got my iPhone 5s, I was paranoid about getting the right case to protect this beautiful piece of technology.  There is nothing like opening the simple Apple box to unwrap a brand new, smooth, cold iPhone that doesn’t have any scratches or imperfections.  Although I am careful with my technology, I knew I needed a sturdy case because I do drop my phone a bit.  When the Apple worker suggested a Tech 21 case, I laughed because it was just a bumper around the edges of the phone with a flimsy plastic back cover-all for 35 dollars.  However, he explained that although this case is very sleek and light, it is truly all you need to protect your phone because the bumpers are stuffed with the same foam that astronauts use, and that the foam is strategically placed in the bumper to absorb the shock of a crash or a fall.  I was still pretty skeptical, so he told me to try it for 21 days and return it if anything happened and Apple would replace my phone, no questions asked (Apple costumer service is amazing).  As soon as I bought the case and walked out of the door, I dropped my iPhone, and I thought for sure that I would pick it up and it would be broken.  However, it was in perfect shape, and I have had this case for two years now.  The design is scientifically and aesthetically well thought out and it shows in the quality of their product. 

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